Bank Statement Printing and Mailing

Statement printing and mailing has been PrintMail’s core service for nearly 20 years. Our exclusive focus on the banking industry ensures delivery of best-of-class printing and mailing services specifically tailored to the needs of regional and community banks. Keep reading to discover why over 300 local banks across the country trust us to print and mail their customer statements.

Outsource Bank Statements to Save Money

Banks outsource different services for convenience, flexibility, and the need to stay on the cutting edge of technology. But one of the most rewarding benefits of bank statement outsourcing is cost savings.Cost savings for print and mail outsourcingYou don’t have to compromise between quality and savings with our many years as an industry leader in statement processing. Our innovative technologies provide advanced automation for maximum postal discounts, Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) tracking integration, and presorting to ensure faster delivery.

Cost savings are not our only focus. We also want your customers to receive their statements and other documents as quickly and accurately as possible.

Experience a 99.9999% Error-Free Rate

We don’t take our responsibilities lightly. Year after year, our address error rate has been almost zero. How do we maintain such a high level of statement processing integrity?

Quality Control Inspectors who only work for PrintMail are stationed in each of our 4 nationwide facilities. They inspect every job twice: a 25-point inspection of every stack of printed output and up to 15 samples checked after insertion on all mailings.

In addition to using human eyes for inspection, JETVision cameras scan every financial statement to ensure accuracy and integrity. Finally, a Quality Control Work Order records every stage of inspection. This is how we achieve the highest levels of quality and accuracy in bank statement printing.

SOC Certified OrganizationPrintMail takes great pride in maintaining the most stringent security measures. Every one of our employees receives extensive security training and our facilities are secured with state-of-the-art technology. SOC 1 and SOC 2 certification audits and quarterly penetration testing allow us to guarantee the security of your statement data.

Maintain Control Throughout the Statement Printing and Mailing Process

As a PrintMail client you would have your own customer portal to view job proofing, mail delivery tracking and other reporting. Furthermore, redundant equipment located at our four identical facilities gives us the ability to send your bank’s important documents out on time regardless of human or natural disasters.

Banks sometimes hesitate to outsource because they fear a loss of control over their customer data. However, our customer service infrastructure gives you peace of mind and more control over the process than if you were to manage customer statements in-house. Statement outsourcing frees up resources you can devote to other areas of your financial institution.

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See How PrintMail Can Make a Difference

Whatever your bank needs or desires—we can accommodate it! With vast experience processing data from virtually every combination of core processing and imaging platform, we can accept a wide variety of data formats. Our goal is the same as yours: to provide excellent customer service by producing quality documents in a timely and cost-effective manner. Entrust us with all your financial statement printing and mailing needs:

Monthly Savings & DDA Statements

Savings and DDA statements are the most common transactional documents you send to your customers. Don’t miss the opportunity to impress them with consistent delivery and an appealing statement design that meets their needs and communicates important messages and offers from your financial institution.

Loans, Notices, and Tax Statements

Loan documentation, daily notices, and tax statements are equally important to your customers even if they’re not as numerous. Make sure they’re never late or lost in the mail.

IRA and Trust Statements

IRA documents and trust statements represent the hopes and dreams many people have for retirement. Timely and well-designed statements provide reassurance regardless of the account’s current balance.

One-Time Mailings and Marketing Communications

Build awareness of relevant offers or communicate important notifications through stand-alone marketing mailings or with inserts, outer-envelope messaging, and personalized statements. Monthly statements have an especially high open rate, which represents an excellent opportunity for banks to selectively cross-promote relevant products, encourage eStatement and mobile banking enrollment, or communicate other timely information.

Looking for the right statement processing company for your bank?

Contact us for a complimentary cost analysis to see how much your bank could be saving by outsourcing statements. You can also find real feedback from some of our 300+ bank clients by visiting our testimonials page.