Custom Bank Statement Redesign

Banks communicate a plethora of news to their customers through bank statements. For many community banks, these statements are both the first and the longest-lasting impression their customers have of them.

As the leading provider of high-quality, cost-saving statement solutions for community banks, PrintMail Solutions’ intelligent redesign options for your DDA, savings, loan, or notice statements add value by providing an excellent opportunity to express your mission and visual identity. With customized bank statements, you have the power to decide exactly what you want to communicate on the document your customers receive each month.

Customized statements improve readability and enhance aesthetic appeal by providing account summaries accompanied by marketing messages tailored to your clients’ needs.

Customized Layouts

Customized layouts allow you to create compelling and professional communications that go beyond customers’ expectations and provide them with a day-to-day reminder of the identity of your bank and its work in the community.

Identify the branding that you want to use: PrintMail will make it work seamlessly with the presentation of the statement. Branding and corporate identity initiatives can also be integrated without a hitch into your eStatements through PrintMail’s eStatement Solutions.

Text and graphic onserts

Do you want to remind your customer of your customized loan solutions? Or make sure that they use a helpful tax tip your bank is reminding everyone about?

PrintMail Solutions offers a wide variety of text and graphic onsert designs that can help you communicate your message—even if your customer does not open a statement. Utilizing the envelope as well as the statement for messaging also saves costs incurred through the use of expensive inserts.

Dynamic imagery and layout

What is the vision you have of your community bank? PrintMail allows you to bring it to life through dynamic imagery and visually pleasing layout concepts.

PrintMail also knows that you don’t want to overburden your customers with crowded statements full of offers and things they cannot differentiate. Our layout experts (and digital artists and designers) will make the best use of your statement’s “white space” so that your unique offerings are the focus.

Selective inserting

Increase the success of your offers with targeted messaging. With our painstaking attention to detail, PrintMail ensures that your messages reach the right customers. Targeted messaging also helps save your bank money by making sure that only those customers who might have an interest in a particular offer receive it.

Levels of customization

Whether you want a high level of customization or just a few adjustments here and there, PrintMail wants to work hand-in-hand with you to bring your bank statement design to the next level. Accordingly, you can request different levels of customization that fit your budget and your communication objectives.

Want to learn more about your options for customized bank statements? Contact us today to take your statements to the next level.