Service Excellence Creed

Purpose of the Service Excellence Creed:

We, at PrintMail Solutions, built our business on the foundation of our Core Values and historically practiced an informal excellence service culture. The Service Excellence Creed was designed to tie our Core Values and our informal service culture into a practical and formalized company culture that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Our Service Excellence Creed:

I will always pursue exceptional service by leveraging our core values through these five principles:

  • Know my customer and anticipate their needs.
  • Provide exceptional service through exceptional teamwork.
  • Develop professional relationships.
  • Go the extra mile.
  • Meet my commitments.
On August 25th we formally launched the Service Excellence Creed program, asking our employees to sign the creed as a show of commitment to you, our customers.
Take a look!

Service Excellent Creed Day Photos

We asked our team:

What’s your favorite Service Excellence Creed principle and why?

Go the extra mile:

“Treat your customer like family and they will become part of our family!”
~Bob K.

“Both internal and external customers appreciate the additional attention to detail.”
~Dave G.

“Do what it takes to make the customer happy.”
~Tyler Brodell

“Our primary goal is to keep our customer base happy. By “going the extra mile,” we will transform our customers into PSI Promoters. It can be the simple things such as the tone of your voice, wishing a customer to have a great day, or by checking to make sure the customer is satisfied with the outcome of the conversation. We should strive to leave our customers smiling and feeling good, not only with the outcome but about PrintMail as well. That’s what makes us the best of the best.”
~Sue Winsor

“It will make us stand out from our competition.”
~Adam DeMarais

Develop professional relationships:

“A good customer experience starts from the first interaction we have, whether on the phone or in person.”
~Ryan Patterson

“This creed is the backbone of any good sale developing prospect into client.”
~Kenton Koch

Know my customer and anticipate their needs:

“As a customer myself, I expect great service. I want whomever is servicing me to know what I need – So I live this for my customers and they are our bread and butter!”
~Anna Bell

“Builds trust, long term relationships, referrals, and opens new opportunities.”
~Brian Reilly

Provide exceptional service through exceptional teamwork:

“I feel this is the most critical of creed because it is the foundation of being able to achieve the other Service Creed principles.”
~Vincent Short

“We in the Print Room have a great team: Communication.  Always here and on time and  work goes out fast with little mistakes.  Always helping each other when needed.”
~Denise Buswell

Meet my commitments:

“Why? The customers are counting on us!”
~Steven King

“I find that all of these principles are key! I don’t necessarily have a favorite. I do my best to follow all of them on a daily basis. It is who I am. Some are easier than others to meet.”