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With 25 years of experience, PrintMail is a trusted innovator in the financial statement mailing services industry. Our exclusive focus on financial institutions results in best-of-class printing and mailing services specifically tailored to the needs of credit unions, banks and other financial institutions. Our industry expertise offers peace of mind that your statement outsourcing is in the hands of knowledgeable professionals.

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Benefits of Outsourcing

There are many benefits to outsourcing financial statement printing services. The opportunity for cost savings is the primary reason most financial institutions decide to partner with statement processing companies. However, there are plenty of additional perks that go along with an improved bottom line: greater accuracy and quality, targeted customer engagement, more control over the details, the ability to expand without growing pains, and the freeing of internal time and resources that can be redirected to the things your financial institution does best.

Lower Costs by Outsourcing to a Statement Processing Company

Financial institutions typically save up to 20% when they outsource the printing and mailing of their monthly statements. Those savings can be redirected to the core services that distinguish your business from competitors. For example, no one chooses a financial institution because of their reputation for efficient statement processing, but a strong record of high quality customer service could be a definite asset to your business.

PrintMail invests in the latest statement processing technology so that you don’t have to. Our innovative printing and mailing solutions combine quality and savings with maximum postal discounts, Intelligent Mail Barcode tracking integration, and presorting for faster delivery. Leverage our industry expertise to produce cutting-edge, well-designed statements with targeted marketing messages. You can double the impact on your profit by lowering costs and increasing the success of your cross-marketing offers.

Optimize Your Mailing Process with Advanced Address Management!

In our continuous effort to enhance mailing efficiency and reduce costs, PrintMail Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of Address Management tools. These tools are designed to streamline your mailing process, ensuring higher accuracy and compliance while minimizing waste.

  • National Change of Address (NCOA) Suppression & Letter: Improve mailing accuracy with our automated NCOA services. By updating consumer addresses regularly, we help you meet regulatory requirements and reduce undeliverable mail.
  • Secure Destruction of Sensitive Materials: Protect your customer’s privacy with our Secure Destruction services. We safely dispose of undelivered mail pieces that contain sensitive information, such as financial data, helping to safeguard against costly data breaches.
  • Enhanced Mail Tracking: Gain valuable insights into your mail campaigns with our advanced tracking mail software. Monitor delivery statuses and analyze campaign performance in real-time to make data-driven decisions for your institution.

Best of all, our address management tool integrates seamlessly with your existing statement processing systems, ensuring that your mail reaches its intended recipients promptly and securely.

Address Management Features:

  • Move Notification
  • New/Forwarding Address
  • Mail Delivery Elapsed Time
  • Mail Piece Location/Status
  • Automated Data Feeds & Custom Reporting
  • Elimination of Undeliverable Mail
  • Reason for Failed Delivery

Boost Your Institution’s Efficiency in Communications!

If you’re ready to take your mailing operations to the next level and unlock performance data like never before, we’re here to help! Let us optimize your mailing strategy today. Get in touch to learn how our Address Management solutions can enhance your institution’s communication efforts.

PrintMail is 99.9999% Error-Free

Your clients trust you with confidential information. PrintMail helps you keep sensitive financial data safe with our close-to-zero record of address errors.

  • Our dedicated quality control inspectors work only for PrintMail in our 3 nationwide facilities.
  • Before any job leaves a facility, QC checks it twice: a 25-point inspection of each stack of printed statements and up to 15 samples of completed mailings.
  • Human inspection is supported by JETVision cameras that scan every statement for accuracy and integrity.
  • We are as dedicated to your security as you are. Every PrintMail employee undergoes extensive security training and we equip all of our facilities with the latest security technology.
  • The security of your customer information is guaranteed by a SOC2 certification audit and quarterly penetration testing.
Oversee the Statement Printing and Mailing Process

It’s normal for financial institutions to question the safety of outsourcing transactional print and mail services and financial statements. No company wants to be the next data breach headline. Luckily, PrintMail constantly invests in the latest technology and security measures. Looking for statement processing services that are better in every way, from speed to design and security? We’ve got you covered.

PrintMail’s customer portal gives you peace of mind with an overview of statement printing and mailing activity. We take care of the details and you maintain control over the process.

  • View job proofing
  • Track deliveries
  • Review important reports

We also help you maintain services in the face of human and natural disasters. Our three identical facilities are outfitted with redundant equipment so your credit union statements and other important documents will always arrive on time.

If you already have a provider processing your statements you still need a disaster plan. Disaster can strike at any moment, PrintMail is here to protect you from it.

PrintMail will add a layer of redundancy, which will protect you in case something happens; your mail will still be able to go out without missing a beat.


Discover the PrintMail Difference

We take a personalized approach to every client and customize our financial statement services accordingly. Our extensive experience with a wide variety of data formats means we can usually offer the exact statement mailing services you’re looking for.

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