About PrintMail Solutions

The story of PrintMail is a classic tale of American ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit. In 1993, Kevin Reilly saw that advancements in PCs and laser printers, coupled with his knowledge of manufacturing, created an opportunity to offer a more economical approach to statement printing and mailing. Acting on this vision, he founded PrintMail with local medical centers as his earliest clients. PrintMail quickly became known for error-free processing, and soon moved to a larger, fully-secure facility.

In 2001, when a local community bank replaced its physical checks with images, PrintMail saw an opportunity to partner with them, developing a uniquely simple method of capturing bank files with the images intact. The new process did not require manipulating check images, which ensured data integrity. Financial institutions and their specific needs have been PrintMail’s core focus ever since.

Today, PrintMail continues this proud tradition of developing industry-leading, innovative solutions. Many of our products and services are the direct result of a response to our clients’ needs. We solve problems most other companies don’t even recognize. Trust us to do the same for you.

Company Core Values

We pursue excellence by:

Listening / Acting with Discernment

We listen always for intent and need, whether that of our clients or each other. We act appropriately, striving to provide service and care that exceeds expectations and sets the standard for our industry.

Encouraging Our Talents

Developing, enabling and celebrating our gifts and abilities. We aspire to the adage that two working together earn a greater return for their efforts, and a cord of three strands is not easily broken.

Embracing / Driving Improvement

We embrace continuous improvement as a virtue to keep us from losing our way.

Leveraging Technology to Market Enablement

We attain competitive advantage by utilizing our people’s industry knowledge and creative ideas. We leverage this with the latest technology to provide innovative solutions, create economies of scale and accelerate growth.

Serving God by Serving Others

As we give of ourselves for the benefit of our communities, customers, vendors and employees, awareness grows, humility takes root, results improve and we become a more effective team than when we act for only ourselves.

Why Choose Us

Financial Institution Expertise

The number one reason banks and credit unions choose PrintMail? Our long-term, laser-like focus on the financial industry. We are experts in the six key areas that are most important to our customers:

  • Core Integration Expertise
  • Rigorous Quality Control
  • Leading-edge Security
  • Consistent On-Time Delivery
  • Innovative Electronic Statements
  • Creative Redesign Solutions
Cost Savings

Printing and mailing your own statements can be costly, but we have the solution. A typical bank reduces cost up to 20% after they outsource to PrintMail Solutions.

We’ve performed Cost Analyses for hundreds of financial institutions across the country and consistently find ways to save our customers money. Discover if outsourcing with PrintMail is right for you; leverage our expertise by scheduling a free cost analysis today.

Advanced Security

Annual SOC I & II audits, along with quarterly penetration testing, guarantee that your data is secure. From the minute your information is received, all the way to the hand-off of finished jobs to the post office, it is only handled by our employees; all rigorously trained in security procedures and cleared by background checks and drug testing. Physical security is also paramount, with state-of-the-art systems and procedures in place.

PrintMail Solutions has the most comprehensive and stringent security in the statement outsourcing business. We will meet or exceed all your requirements for critical vendors.

Disaster Recovery

Strategically located in PA, TN, TX, and IA, our four fully-redundant operations centers allow us to offer two-day delivery to over 85% of the continental United States. With full redundancy comes complete disaster recovery and ensures that no matter the type of emergency or disaster, your job processing remains on-time. All of our facilities are scalable in volume and are ready at a moment’s notice to accommodate your production should a sudden need arise.


Financial Institutions often fear outsourcing because they don’t want to lose control of their most valuable asset – customer data.

We certainly understand that concern. However, our customers find they have gained far greater control once they outsource to PrintMail. We have made significant investments in technology and equipment that allow us to control the process at a granular level.

You will realize:

  • A error-free rate of 99.9999%
  • Consistent on-time delivery
  • Complete control with our updated customer portal
  • Full service IMB tracking
  • Four disaster recovery sites
  • Redundant equipment
  • No capacity limitations
  • Technical and physical security
  • No equipment, inventory, or expensive personnel hassles

We encourage you to ask our references how they gained greater control by working with us. See what your industry colleagues have to say by reading the scrolling testimonials on the bottom of our website pages.

Drive eStatement Adoption

eStatements have become a critical sales and promotional tool as well as a way to realize cost savings. Our unsurpassed eStatement offering is so superior that our customers see an adoption rate twice that of the national average. We give you the ability to easily upload and edit marketing offers with our user-friendly administrative forms and tools. Advertisements can be created with an uploaded PDF document, an external link, or internally stored HTML content.

Our Team Approach

What makes working with PrintMail different than working with another provider? Our approach! We are a family-owned-and-run business, and care for our customers shows. We follow Core Values outlining the need for integrity, innovation and success to be as true of our people as they are of our products.

Join Our Team

Our Impact

Community Involvement

While we support our customers across the country, we also support the communities in our own backyard. PrintMail employees help grow food on a property farm, the yields from which are donated to local food banks. Whenever we provide prizes, awards, or giveaways we give Gift Cards that are donations to the charity of the recipient’s choice.

Industry Leadership

Our customers’ challenges are our challenges. Having roots firmly in the financial industries sector, much of the creation and design of our new services and product offerings are in direct response to our customers’ needs. We are tireless in our pursuit of offering our clients industry-leading technology, time-saving processes, and financially beneficial products.

Let’s make something big!

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