Keith Reilly


After working with more than 350 financial institutions in various roles at PrintMail, Keith knows that security, on-time delivery and customer service excellence are just as critical to the success of our customers as the ability to meet their unique technology requirements. Keith leverages the strength of PrintMail’s 25+ years of industry experience alongside high-caliber operations, development, and sales teams to provide a sustainable competitive advantage to both our customers and to PrintMail.

Keith is a Marines Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, an active member of the C12 Group, and holds an Executive MBA from Penn State University.

Rennie Clayton

Vice President of Technology

Rennie came to us in 2015 from eBay, Disney and the Silicon Valley startup AtHoc bearing an impressive record of solving complex technological challenges. His oversight includes our development team, where his introduction of agile methodologies will allow PrintMail to rapidly develop new technical solutions for our client banks. Past accomplishments include creating a rapid prototyping environment at eBay and consolidating a large number of custom booking systems into a single code base at Disney. At AtHoc, Rennie scaled the custom integration process using automated solutions and influenced the company to focus on the user experience with a full redesign of the product’s user interface, just as he is currently engaged in making PrintMail’s user interfaces even more intuitive for our clients. Rennie is also driving initiatives to create many new banking products to better serve our client base.

Gretchen Renaud

Vice President of Operations

Gretchen has been with PrintMail Solutions since 2006, her tremendous successes reflected in PrintMail’s ongoing error-free rate of 99.9999% and consistent 98% on-time delivery rate. Starting as data center manager for the Newtown, PA site, she was soon tasked with opening PrintMail’s third print and mail facility in Ft. Worth. After hiring and training the staff and operations manager, she was sent to Des Moines, IA where she established our fourth fully-redundant facility, including recruiting an operations manager with 25 years of experience with Fiserv. Promoted to Director of Operations in 2012, her outstanding work was rewarded with a promotion to Vice President of Operations in 2015.

Kevin Reilly

Founder, Chairman of the Board

Kevin, whose leadership has propelled PrintMail to the forefront of bank statement solution providers, founded PrintMail in 1993. With 20 years of experience in strategic management positions focusing on print, mail, and electronic data retention, Kevin was inspired by advancements in PCs and laser printers to offer a more economical approach to statement printing and mailing – and thus PrintMail was born. In 2001, when a local bank wanted to stop returning physical checks, Kevin led the company to develop a unique method of capturing check images intact without the need for manipulation, thus ensuring data integrity. Since that day, PrintMail’s focus has been on creating innovative statement solutions for the banking industry.

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