eStatement Services

When customers sign up for eStatements, your financial institution saves money on the cost of printing and mailing paper statements. Print Mail’s cutting-edge eStatement software helps you improve the layout design and readability of your eStatements so that more customers will choose electronic delivery.

Is Your eStatement in Need of an Upgrade?

Millennials and other tech-savvy customers aren’t satisfied with anything less than a full-service online experience that is convenient, mobile, and well-designed. If your eStatement design hasn’t been modernized, you’re losing important opportunities to connect with customers. Working with an eStatement service provider is a cost-efficient way to improve your online banking platform.

Add Marketing Messages to eStatement Design

When customers stop receiving paper statements, you can still reach them with important messages and offers. PrintMail creates targeted advertisements for display on eStatements and online accounts.

PrintMail’s eStatement Services Include:

  • Unlimited archive depth
  • Reporting on user activity
  • Single sign-on interfaces
  • Interactive HTML and PDF Statement Formats
  • Account reconciliation with sorting functionality
  • Marketing communications
  • Undeliverable email notifications
  • Our expert customer service team
  • Extensive quality control and security procedures

Ready to increase eStatement adoption at your bank or credit union? Contact us for a demo.