How Generation Z Feels Disconnected From Banks – And How To Engage Them

As bank marketers, we’ve been here before.  Each new generation presents its own set of challenges to address, preferences to learn, and perceptions to overcome.  That said, Generation Z just might be the most difficult yet. Their level of disconnection from banks and banking (among other generally accepted staples of modern society), has puzzled bank … Continued

NAF 2024 Conference: Elevating Solutions in Automotive Lending

This year, the National Automotive Finance Annual Conference will be held at The Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas from June 5th to 7th, 2024. As a leading provider of innovative print and mail solutions for FI’s, PrintMail is excited to engage with industry professionals, share our expertise, and introduce our cutting-edge offerings. The … Continued

Credit Unions: Leveraging Community Engagement for Growth

Did you know that in the NBA, the home team wins 62.7% of the time? In Major League Soccer (MLS), that number is 69.1%. For many reasons, it’s easier to win on your home turf or court. It’s what’s called the “Home Field Advantage,” and it’s a power you can also tap into as a … Continued

Navigating Customer Communication Automation in the Insurance Industry

It may be the ultimate paradox of our time. Technology has enabled us to be more connected than ever before, yet we communicate less and less personally, with friends, family, and with our customers. And so, while the need for information has remained the same, the forums and best practices for these exchanges have most … Continued

Optimizing Customer Touchpoints in the Mortgage Journey

Think about the brands and businesses you admire.  For many of them you can probably identify elements that raise the experience and ultimately work to keep you loyal.  Whether it is the smells and antiqued wood finishes in that starry-eyed coffee shop or the logical and consistent way information flows from a pop-up ad to … Continued

How Insurance Agencies Can Earn & Maintain Customer Trust

If you do a quick search of almost any insurance website or marketing piece, you will find the word “trust” in prominent use.  It has proven a valuable word in identifying the north star that the industry, and those who work in it, are pointed towards. It can also be the hardest thing to secure … Continued

FAQs About Financial Services Customer Communication Management

FAQs About Financial Services Customer Communication Management Are you curious how Customer Communication Management (CCM) can enhance the creation, organization, and delivery of outbound communications, including personalized customer communications?  Do you have questions about the role of CCM in business communication for financial services? How can AI impact and enhance efforts to connect with customers? … Continued