PrintMail is Named “Top 10 Customer Experience Solution Providers – 2019”

“The customer is always right” has long been a favorite business mantra. It’s even truer in 2019, as Customer Experience (CX) becomes the main focus of companies trying to compete in a rapidly changing market. While  the banking industry has been slower to adopt a CX-focused business model, this is starting to change. Financial institutions … Continued

How to Use NPS to Better Your Bank

Do you have your finger on the pulse of your customers’ feelings toward your bank? Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is a popular tool in sentiment analysis, or the process of understanding customer attitudes and responding appropriately. In the financial services industry, consumers have many choices for deposit accounts, mortgages, investment accounts, and more. If you’re … Continued

Company Update

Dear Valued Customers, 25 years ago, I was inspired by improvements in technology and offered companies “a Better Way” to process, print and mail their financial statements. It has been an amazing journey, with production starting in my home (the whole family pitched in!), all the way up to 4 nationwide facilities that print about … Continued

2020 Conferences and Events For Bank Operations Professionals

Gain new insights into current trends, risks, and disruptions in the financial industry by attending one or more conferences for bank operations professionals. From fintech to regulatory expectations and cyber threats, this year’s conferences and other events are focused on helping your bank grow, adapt, and succeed in a rapidly changing banking environment. We start … Continued

Ultimate Guide to Financial eStatements

Much has been written about how to increase eStatement adoption among banking customers. The purpose of this article isn’t to tell you what you already know, but to explore the nuances of conventional wisdom for promoting eStatements and getting customers to enroll. With a little help from Aristotle’s rhetorical modes of persuasion, Professor Linda Flower’s … Continued

8 Ways Your Bank Can Improve Customer Engagement In The Digital Age

Today’s banking customers, especially the digital native generations, expect their lives to come with them wherever they go. That means a library of books in their Kindle app, a collection of memories in their Photos app, and up-to-the-minute financial information in their mobile banking and financial management apps. How are traditional banks and credit unions … Continued

Jack Henry Annual Conference (JAC 2020) and TechConnect

The 2020 Jack Henry Annual Conference (JAC) and TechConnect will take place in Indianapolis, IN this year from October 12th through the 15th, venue to be announced. Whether you’re a Jack Henry Banking® or ProfitStars® customer, this is your one don’t-miss occasion for all banking technology, so take full advantage. JAC 2020 has ramped up the … Continued