Bank Outsourcing Services

Since 2001, statement processing for banks of all sizes has been PrintMail’s core focus. However, we’re always on the lookout for new ways of leveraging technology to offer unique banking outsourcing solutions to our clients.

All of our banking industry outsourcing services have been developed with the busy professional in mind; in fact, many unique features of our solutions have evolved from client requests, so if there is anything outside-the-box you want us to do, just ask!

Printing & Mailing Outsourcing   Statement Printing and Mailing

  • DDA, Savings, Loans, Notices and Taxes
  • Customer portal for job proofing, tracking and reporting
  • JETVision® cameras scan every statement to ensure accuracy and integrity
  • Full-Service IMB mail piece delivery tracking
  • Total inventory management

Statement Design Outsourcing   Custom Statement Redesign

  • Multiple templates to choose from
  • Option to design your own statement
  • Color or Black and White
  • Targeted graphics, messaging, QR codes

Electronic Statement Outsourcing   Integrated eStatements

  • Single Sign-On integration across most online banking providers
  • Provide DDA, Savings, Loans, Notices, Taxes, and other documents
  • Updated annually with new and unique features
  • Revenue-driving, targeted click-through ads
  • Mobile access for tablets and smartphones
  • SMS Text Capabilities

Bank Marketing Outsourcing   Mail Marketing Services

  • Selective inserts, onserts and banner ads
  • Letters and direct marketing mailings
  • Outer envelope messaging
  • Design and copywriting services
  • Personalized URLs

bankboundDigital Marketing Services

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay per click advertising (PPC)
  • Content marketing
  • Integrated marketing campaigns

Outsourcing Banking Services to PrintMail Can Reduce Costs By Up to 20%

Besides our expertise, community banks outsource to PrintMail for the cost-effectiveness of our services.

How do we do it? We mail with maximum postal discounts, purchase and maintain the latest technology so you don’t have to, and help you devise effective marketing campaigns to increase business and convert customers to eStatements for further savings on printing and mailing.

Our Experience Helps Your Bank Thrive

With over 300 bank clients and growing, our exclusive focus on the needs of the banking industry means we have an unrivaled level of experience. Not every bank outsourcing company is the same. PrintMail’s longtime dedication to creating solutions for community bankers is what sets us apart from the rest.