Insurance Customer Communication Management

When it comes to choosing an insurance statement and notice printing company, experience matters. PrintMail has been a trusted innovator for over 30 years and, with our 2 strategic locations, we can mitigate delivery issues with the USPS to ensure on-time delivery. When you partner with us, you can count on our expertise in the most important aspects of customer communication management:

  • Rigorous quality control and a 99.999% error-free rate
  • Consistent on-time delivery, even in the wake of human or natural disasters
  • Customizable eStatement design and paper statement redesign
  • Creative and well-researched insurance marketing solutions
  • Investment in the latest technology

Partner with PrintMail for all your insurance customer communications:

  • Monthly Billing Statements
  • Policy Cancellation Notices
  • Renewal Declarations
  • Direct Mail Marketing (targeted mailing lists, creative, printing, and mailing of insurance advertising to prospects or existing clients)
  • Policy Updates and Reinstatement Notices
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statements
  • Lender-Placed Insurance Letters
  • Notices of Collateral Protection Insurance
  • Claims Communication
  • Legislation Updates
  • Tax Statements
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Optimize Your Insurance Customer Statements

  • Highlight the information your insurance customers care about the most.
  • Maximize customer communications with inserts and/or special text and graphics directly on insurance statements and envelopes.
  • Use relevant graphics and artwork, utilize white space thoughtfully, and retain consistent agency branding with color matching and a variety of font choices.
icon of piggy bankReduce Insurance Statement Printing and Processing Costs

After running hundreds of cost analyses over the years, we’ve discovered that most third-party administrators save an average of 20% by outsourcing. Find out if PrintMail’s proven process for outsourcing is the right move for your insurance carrier by scheduling a free cost analysis today.

Maximize eStatement Savings and Marketing Opportunities

Electronic statement delivery is another way to save on the costs of printing and mailing insurance statements. PrintMail helps insurance companies and third-party administrators create well-designed and convenient eStatements so that more customers choose the digital option.

PrintMail’s eStatement solutions for insurance companies provide an attractive and cutting-edge online experience to keep your customers engaged. eStatements are also a valuable marketing and advertising platform; upload your special offers and promotions with our easy-to-use administrative interface.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With PrintMail’s Advanced Security

We conduct quarterly penetration testing and an annual SOC 2 audit to ensure that your sensitive data is always secure. Only rigorously screened and trained PrintMail employees handle your company and customer information. We also implement state-of-the-art physical security in all of our facilities and equipment.

You can depend on PrintMail Solutions for the toughest and most cutting-edge security in the customer statement outsourcing industry. Contact us to find out how we meet or exceed your requirements for critical vendors.

Explore Our Comprehensive Insurance Carrier Statement Outsourcing Services

In a competitive insurance industry, streamlining your operation makes it easier to compete with other insurance carriers and online insurance marketplaces. At PrintMail, we leverage technology to streamline processes for insurance carriers. Outsourcing your insurance statement processing and marketing needs will help your insurance company cut costs and maximize the value you provide to customers.

In addition to cost-savings, you need a robust digital presence to compete for new customers, especially younger generations. Partner with PrintMail to maximize the impact of your eStatements and insurance digital marketing strategies. We also have expertise with traditional marketing approaches such as paper onserts and inserts and direct mail marketing.

As an added convenience, our statement redesign services offer a self-service option so you can adjust the design of your printed statement.

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