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Current and potential customers need to see how good your bank’s messages and offers are. Let PrintMail help you take your bank’s direct mail marketing strategy in the right direction.

Community and regional banks across the country have trusted PrintMail Solutions with secure and effective statement processing for their customers for over 25 years. With targeted messaging and direct mail marketing for banks, we can provide the same reliable service and creative approach to help you cross-sell your products and services to current customers—and reach new ones.

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In a quickly changing business and technological environment, you can’t depend on the same marketing plan to keep working. Your bank may not have the resources for an in-house marketing department, or perhaps there are only one or two employees to carry out such an important function. Our singular focus on the banking industry and expertise in bank marketing services allows us to deliver the solutions you need to reach your growth goals.

PrintMail Solutions consults with your bank to develop a customized mail marketing strategy. Whether your goal is to reach new customers through targeted marketing of your banking services, increase success with offers to current customers, expand your bank’s digital presence, or improve your current promotional materials, we make it easy and cost-effective.

Grab your customers’ attention and grow your business with some of these PrintMail Solutions offerings.

Marketing Communications

Direct Mail for Banks

Have you ever moved into a new house and received a flood of coupons and other special offers from local businesses? Even longtime homeowners continue to receive this type of mail. And while many people might think of it as “junk mail,” it’s actually called direct mail and it works when done right. Some businesses think direct mail is dead since social media and email marketing have become so popular, but that’s simply not true.

According to a recent study from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the median response rate for direct mail sent to in-house lists was over 600% higher than email, social media, paid search, mobile ads, and display advertising combined.

PrintMail’s expertise in direct mail for banks can help your financial institution better engage with the community by making sure your best offers are matched with the right customers and prospects. We can acquire mailing lists for target demographics such as: new residents, family size, income, age, business owners, location, new parents, homeowners, and nearly anything else you can think of!

Our bank marketing team can create a strategy to reach people who are already interested in your services and show them you’re the best choice with attractively designed mailers that stand out and generate a response.

One-Time Mailings

PrintMail uses the latest technology to produce unique one-time mailings for your customers. Community banks can choose from a variety of envelopes, postcards and self-mailers. A few popular one-time mailings we handle for banks include:

  • Policy Changes
  • Privacy Notices
  • Regulation Changes and Updates
  • Newsletters
High-quality Mailing Stuffers

Keep your customers informed with high-quality inserts and statement stuffers from PrintMail. Our customers’ most common statement stuffers include:

Outer Envelope Messaging

Some of your bank’s customers never open their statements. However, your marketing messages don’t have to go unread. Let PrintMail help you reach every customer through clear, attractive print graphics to display offers and other information on the statement envelope. You’re sure to catch your customer’s eye before the envelope meets the recycling bin.

Personalized URLs and Marketing Analytics

Is your direct mail advertising actually working? Integrating your bank’s direct mail campaigns with digital marketing tactics like website analytics, call tracking, and personalized URLs (PURLs) allow you to track the number of customers who respond to a direct mailing offer, and measure your return. When you can analyze the concrete results of a particular campaign, you can reflect on how to improve in the future.

Furthermore, PURLs allow you to customize offers for individual bank customers and make the most of your marketing resources.


Experience Matters!

Contact us to talk through your bank’s direct marketing goals. Our marketing experts will craft a direct mail strategy that’s right for your bank. And once you become a PrintMail client you can rest assured that we’ll always use the latest software, equipment, and security measures.

We’re committed to company-wide investment in the best technology to meet our customers’ needs with speed and cutting-edge practices. Our forward thinking means your bank will never be left behind.

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