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Are your messages reaching the right people? One-size-fits-all is no longer good enough in a competitive and rapidly changing economic environment. Collaborate with PrintMail to maximize the impact of your credit union direct mail marketing.

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The same qualities that have made us a trusted leader in the financial statement processing industry–security, accuracy, innovation–guide our approach to targeted messaging and direct marketing for credit unions. We help you personalize your marketing offers and match them with the most compatible current and potential members.

PrintMail’s company-wide investment in technology and equipment, guarantees that you’ll always have access to cutting-edge techniques in credit union direct marketing. Our forward thinking ensures your credit union won’t be left behind.

Expand your reach to grow your membership

Credit unions may be smaller than other financial institutions but that doesn’t mean their marketing scope has to be limited. Outsourcing your marketing needs to PrintMail gives you access to the expertise, creativity and efficiency of our marketing department at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own. That way you can grow your membership in a cost-effective way.

Your biggest asset is the value you provide to members with low fees and a range of financial solutions. PrintMail partners with your credit union to create a personalized direct mail marketing strategy. Whatever your marketing goals are, we can help you:

  • Grow your membership
  • Cross-sell accounts, loans and other products
  • Use direct mail for credit unions to improve your success rates
  • Increase mobile app downloads
  • Use personalized URLS and website analytics to measure the success of each offer or promotion
Direct Mail Marketing for Credit Unions

What many people consider “junk mail” is actually a highly efficient marketing strategy that continues to be relevant in the digital age. How does it work?

Direct mail marketing for credit unions helps you reach more existing and potential members by matching your offers with the most relevant demographics. For example:

  • New homeowners
  • Families
  • Income brackets
  • Age
  • Business owners
  • Location
  • And any other target audiences you want to reach!

Credit unions can’t afford to waste resources on marketing efforts that don’t yield results. PrintMail identifies people who are already considering a specific financial product or service and commands their attention with well-designed and informative mailers.

One-Time Mailings

Credit union members care about their institution and want to stay informed. That’s why PrintMail invests in cutting-edge software and technology to create appealing one-time mailings for your members. Choose from our design collection of envelopes, postcards and self-mailers. Our most popular one-time communications include:

  • Policy changes
  • Privacy notices
  • Regulation changes and updates
  • Newsletters
Inserts and Statement Stuffers for Credit Unions

Take advantage of the opportunity to reach members with their monthly credit union statements. PrintMail’s customized designs and quality production mean more customers will read your important messages.

  • Promotional material
  • Branch openings
  • ATM safety information
  • Credit offers
  • Privacy notices

These same communications can be adapted to outer envelope messaging. Even if members don’t always open their statements, our colorful graphics and text ensure your offers still get through.

Personalized URLs and Marketing Analytics

It’s hard to create an effective marketing strategy unless you know what’s working. Combining direct mail campaigns with digital tactics such as website analytics, call tracking and personalized URLs enables credit unions to track the rate of customer response to specific offers. Assess the return on your marketing investment so you know what to tweak next time.


Leverage our expertise to meet and exceed your marketing goals

PrintMail stays up-to-date on direct marketing strategies and technology so you can focus on doing more of the things your credit union does best. Just like you, we are committed to delivering exceptional service that exceeds customer expectations and reflects the individual brand of every financial institution we serve. Contact us today for a credit union marketing services consultation.

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