PrintMail’s Guide to Tax Form Printing for Fiserv Premier Clients.

Fiserv Premier has multiple programs that generate the FIRE format. Please review the important information below and refer to this tax form guide as you generate tax files and forms.

Which Fiserv supported format should you use?


  • Produces the FIRE formatted document that is to be transmitted to the IRS.  This does not contain the deposit detail, or the additional detail for 1098’s.


  • Produces the FIRE formatted document that includes the additional information needed to create more complete forms
    • If you would like all deposit accounts listed on your 1099-INT, use this program
    • If you would like additional information on your 1098 such as Tax Paid, use this program
  • Additionally, you can set a form as you run this program so you can generate the file one form at a time, should you choose to take that approach.


  • Produce a FIRE file format for 5498 that includes the appropriate number of 5498 forms.
  • Additionally, you can set a form as you run this program so you can generate the file one form at a time, should you choose to take that approach.


How is PrintMail affected by this change?

There is little to no impact at PrintMail Solutions.

  • We have not used the Fiserv Tax Forms for years
  • We modify our forms from the IRS changes annually
  • We updated our programs last year which made us and our programming more efficient.  We already have all programming in place for these formats.
    • We will only need to change settings on your jobs indicating you will be moving to FIRE format.
    • We will need to make the annual changes for 2023 tax when they are announced.

In what other ways might your Financial Institution be impacted?

  • If you were printing any forms in-house, PrintMail is prepared to print any form for you, regardless of volume.
    • Please let us know when we send the Tax Update Form, which forms you would like us to be prepared to print on your behalf.
  • If you need forms available for corrections, PrintMail provides fillable PDFs on our portal that you can download, fill out, print, and mail to your corrections customers.
  • PrintMail also supports corrections files being transmitted throughout the year so that you don’t have to manually intervene on corrections at all.
  • If you are getting archive PDFs back for import into Director, we will no longer have all the fields in the footer to include in the index back.
    • We will still include the fields, just leave them blank.
    • We will index the first account on the tax document.
  • If you had logic to suppress or return statements with a particular mail code, Mail Code is no longer available as it’s not included in the FIRE File.
    • PrintMail can still use Address Block for Suppression
    • Additional lists can be provided for Suppression/Return instructions.  If you would like to investigate this further, please contact your Client Manager.
  • Training on transmitting this data will come later in the year, closer to the tax transmission timeframe.

What else can we do for you? 

  • Interested in Archive PDFs being returned for import on your side?
  • Want to test these files from your 2022 data?

Contact your Client Manager today.