Bank Statement Redesign For Jack Henry & Fiserv Platforms

Monthly customer statements are a regular and important means of communication. Make sure your financial institution is maximizing the effectiveness of its statements with an appealing and intelligent design. PrintMail delivers exceptional service to ensure your financial statements go the extra mile to meet customers’ needs and engage them with special offers.

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In a competitive business environment, financial institutions need a unique visual identity and branding. Our statement redesign services give you a better platform for communicating essential information and special offers to customers.

Today’s consumers care about clarity, transparency, and design. An attractive statement communicates your mission and institutional integrity with a seamless insertion of new marketing messages each month to update clients on your latest offers and promotions.


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    • Custom Layouts
    • Full Color
    • Text & Graphic Onserts
    • Dynamic Content
    • Personalized Marketing

    Results Our Customers Can Measure


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    Our customers say:

    Low error ratio and excellent customer support.

    Yvette Afflerbaugh

    PrintMail staff is very knowledgeable about our Director software.

    Sherri E. Marstiller

    Reliable, responsive, accurate.

    Maurita Meyers

    The system you have in place works great and is easy to utilize.

    Matthew Kennell

    What we have set up with Print Mail runs smooth. If there is an issue, they are attentive and always helpful to help resolve, whether on our side or Print Mails.

    Maryann Ellefsen

    We recommend banks check out what PrintMail has to offer. They are friendly and professional and always on the edge of cutting technology.

    Lisa Otery

    The process that we have in place with PrintMail is very reliable, cost effective, and the PrintMail team is very responsive to our needs.

    Kevin Goedel

    Friendly, professional, timely service. What else could you ask for.

    Jerri Brame

    The customer service is unbeatable!

    Keith Cason

    Our SVP and Operations Officer compliments your knowledge of Fiserv Director product. Also, the customer service has been outstanding.

    Kathy Leombruno

    You are producing a great product. Attention to detail and are very timely in responding to inquiries.

    Kathy Beach

    (We are) Worry Free! Statements used to be a chore. Printing in-house is something we will never do again. Statements….we don’t worry about them anymore. Now we can focus on banking.

    Jeff Wozniak

    We have benefitted from PrintMail’s faster mailing, same day statements, and better access.

    Jenifer Nadeem

    Ease of implementation, security, excellent customer support.

    Janette M. Davis

    We always receive great customer service and over the years it has become easier to submit inserts. Thanks!

    Jane Oslund

    You save us a lot of time and manpower by printing customer statements. You are the best way to cut printing costs, you have a great staff and are customer oriented.

    Hank Parry

    Print Mail Solutions has been wonderful. We have used them since 2010 and our experience has been great. The customer service is phenomenal and the knowledge of statement processing is great.

    Anita White

    Printmail offers uncommonly good quality and reliable service. The Printmail people are courteous and professional, and respond quickly with the appropriate skill level when needed to resolve issues and get our work out.

    Bob Sarratt

    Easy to work with and quick processing.

    Brenda Meyer

    PrintMail has made our statement processing more efficient.

    Cheryl Smith

    Ease of sending the files and great customer service if needed!!!

    Connie Raynor

    They not only eliminated the issues we had with our old statement vendor, they corrected many mistakes our installer made configuring our cold imaging system – making our statement rendering processes much more efficient.

    Dave Buggeln

    Ease of use. Support is good. Been a happy customer for many years.

    Dave Skiba

    Easy to work with and try very hard to make sure we have what we need, when we need it. Thanks.

    Denise Becker

    PrintMail has never left us down. You always meet or exceed our expectations.

    Georgina Condran

    Ease in uploading material and promptness of getting printing and mailing accomplished.

    Ginny Wagner

    Because Print Mail has been great taking care of us and our customers!

    Gloria Ulbrich

    We have a solution that's right for you

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    Over 25 years ago, we were pioneers in the Financial Services industry, showing banks a secure, cost-saving alternative to in-house printing. Today, we utilize our years of experience and our roots as a family-owned business to offer our customers a full suite of services beyond just print.

    True to our origins, we remain nimble and responsive to our clients’ needs with solutions that have greater efficiency, accuracy, innovation, and security than can be provided in–house and with more control and flexibility than can be found with any core. With 350+ satisfied customers, we continue to have Net Promoter and accuracy scores that no one can match.

    We continue to be the the answer to your print and electronic financial statements; handling other communication that requires the same level of reliability with accuracy and the highest levels of security.

    Our most recent initiative, RYSE, differentiates PrintMail from similar service providers in our industry and gives our customers an advantage in a world of constantly evolving consumer needs. RYSE stands for ‘Reinventing Your Service Experience’ and represents the most user-friendly interactive customer platform in the industry.

    RYSE is built on the four pillars of support required for every financial institution to be successful: Print, Marketing, On-Line and Digital services. Every PrintMail customer has access to these services, allowing us to take what is unique about their institution and effectively communicate that to current and potential customers.

    We understand your business. Allow our customized suite of products do the work for you while you watch your business grow. Contact us today.