5 Ways Banks Can Improve Their Customer Digital Experience

What is a Good Digital Experience and Why Does it Matter?  Today’s consumers expect convenience and ease with every touchpoint and transaction. Optimizing your bank’s digital customer experience can help differentiate your financial institution from competitors. In this article, we’ll cover digital experience best practices and how to improve your bank’s customer service in the … Continued

How To Improve Your Utility Customers’ Billing Experience

Monthly billing is a critical part of the customer experience for utility providers, but the billing experience is often just an afterthought. At PrintMail, we have been improving the monthly statement experience for our customers for more than 20 years. From increasing efficiency to cutting costs and improving the design experience, we share our expertise … Continued

3 Ways to Simplify Your Bank Operations to Improve Your Efficiency Ratio

Improving Efficiency Ratios For Banks For financial institutions, success often grows from a delicate balance of maintaining efficient business operations while cultivating customer growth and satisfaction. If your goal is to scale your bank, you may think you need to increase your in-house operations by offering more products, investing in more printers, and hiring more … Continued

No CRM? No Problem! 3 Reports To Automate And Share With Your Marketing Team

CRMs are amazing, but not every financial services company has the budget for a Customer Relationship Management System. CRMs can provide up-to-date information and customer reports to all relevant internal parties: management, marketing, retail banking, commercial, wealth management, and even risk management and audit. But CRMs can also be expensive, especially if you are considering … Continued

A Case for Chatbots in Banking

As technology continues to develop, banks are faced with tough decisions about what to try and which digital software to leave behind, particularly when it comes to customer-facing support. The use of chatbots has risen dramatically in recent years, particularly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and can have a positive impact on both … Continued

4 Tips to Help Banks Minimize Compliance Risk

In our everchanging environment—one in which technology, product strategy, regulatory changes, and even accessibility bring forth a cacophony of alarm bells, emails, and texts resulting in shifts in direction—bank compliance remains paramount above all other guidelines. And that’s only how we see things: consumers are focused on privacy and preventing identity theft, especially when it … Continued

Building and Promoting a Financial Literacy Program for your Bank

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked financial havoc on consumers, businesses, and, yes, financial institutions alike. The collective impact of unemployment (or underemployment), hefty medical bills, and virtual schooling has left many of your customers wondering if — and how — they’ll make it to their next payday. Sure, your financial institution might offer loans, lines … Continued