Building and Promoting a Financial Literacy Program for your Bank

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked financial havoc on consumers, businesses, and, yes, financial institutions alike. The collective impact of unemployment (or underemployment), hefty medical bills, and virtual schooling has left many of your customers wondering if — and how — they’ll make it to their next payday. Sure, your financial institution might offer loans, lines … Continued

Direct Mail Marketing Should Be Part of Your Bank’s 2021 Marketing Strategy

Banks and financial institutions have become more reliant on the digital way of doing business during the pandemic. Documents that would have been traditionally mailed out signed and returned are now being sent and completed digitally; and other communications, both promotional and account-related are being sent via email. While banks and credit unions may be … Continued

Increase Bank Deposits With New Mover Marketing

2020 has shown us how we can adapt to unpredicted circumstances and in a lot of situations we have thrived. As a banker, you have seen your team move in big ways to help your local businesses get PPP loans, communicate a substantial number of changes and updates, and serve those who needed it most. … Continued

Cybersecurity In Banking: 7 Powerful Tips to Secure Your Bank

2020 has been an interesting year considering the Covid 19 pandemic, US presidential election, and other events. This year has also caused more people to work remotely and spend more time online. So, banks must ensure that their information is secure. In fact, cybersecurity firms have reported an 800% increase in hackings and data breaches … Continued

5 Proven, Unique Bank Efficiency Strategies To Increase ROI

Why efficiency is crucial for your bank’s success! Are you wondering if your bank efficiency is the best that it can be? After all, financial services is a fast-moving industry that has seen many changes, especially over the last 10 years. For example, there have been significant technological advances like mobile banking apps that have … Continued

Is your bank vulnerable to data breaches and cyberattacks?

Over the past decade, data breaches at corporations and other institutions have resulted in the theft of more than 100 million pieces of sensitive records. In 2019 alone, the U.S. saw nearly 1,500 data breaches with over 150 million records stolen. Many of these breaches happened at household-name brands such as Equifax, Verizon, Yahoo, Target, … Continued

4 Best Practices For Scaling Your Bank

When it comes to scaling a financial institution, bank executives need to balance the potential value with the corresponding risk that comes from getting bigger. At the same time, you have to ask whether the cost of doing more will be outweighed by revenue growth. It’s not surprising that community banks struggle with how, when, … Continued