30th Anniversary: 30 Reasons to Partner with PrintMail Solutions

The story of PrintMail is a classic tale of American ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit. In 1993, Kevin Reilly saw that advancements in PCs and laser printers, coupled with his manufacturing knowledge, created an opportunity to offer a more economical approach to statement printing and mailing. Acting on this vision, he founded PrintMail, with local … Continued

Understand the Challenges and Opportunities of a Core Conversion for Your Bank

Although change can be daunting, ushering in a more sophisticated environment for your employees, shareholders, and customers is bound to be a positive change in the end. As you consider a core conversion, it’s important to understand that this is no small feat, but one that requires months of planning and precision in execution. The … Continued

Insurance Companies: Optimizing the Digital Customer Experience

What Does The Digital Customer Experience Look Like For Insurance Companies? The first insurance company in the U.S. was co-founded by Ben Franklin in the 1700s. As with other longtime industries, the Internet has disrupted the way insurers do business. Consumers can now research different policy options online, compare quotes, and apply for a new … Continued

Postmaster General DeJoy Speaks to INg on Innovation, Improvements

Recently, the INg Board of Trustees – including PrintMail Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Gretchen Renaud – met with United States Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. The meeting took place following his keynote presentation at the Printing United tradeshow.   DeJoy discussed the challenges he faced coming into his role in July 2020, specifically mentioning his … Continued

5 Challenges For Auto Lenders And How To Cope

While the last few years have not been easy on any business, the auto financing industry has faced unique challenges around payment collections, volume, and rising prices. In this article, we take a look at the top five challenges auto lenders face right now and offer suggestions for how to make the best of a … Continued

Mortgage Tech Stack Guide

With so much new technology coming to market every week, it can be difficult keeping up with it all. When you’re busy running your mortgage brokerage and serving your clients, rolling out a new piece of software to your internal team is probably the last thing on your mind. But understanding which tools can help … Continued

How To Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks At Your Insurance Agency

The insurance industry helps protect people and businesses from financial loss, making it an important part of the economy. This also means that insurance agencies must take cybersecurity threats seriously and develop a comprehensive plan to mitigate risk. After all, it’s not just your company that’s at stake; it’s also your customers’ sensitive data and … Continued