October was an exciting month for PrintMail solutions as we have expanded our alliance with Ricoh, leveraging the company’s technologies and expertise to integrate legacy workflows with single-pass variable-data printing (VDP) for more efficient and cost-effective production of customer communications. 

This expanded partnership now allows us to produce the diverse jobs our customers require without the costs and additional tasks associated with pre-printed forms. By leveraging RICOH ProcessDirector™ and a second Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 GP, PrintMail has overcome data transformation hurdles and can drive more speed and reliability, helping hit SLAs and deliver the top-notch customer experiences their clients expect.

Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 GP

“Our customers rely on us to be both thoughtful and intelligent in how we handle their information,” said Keith Reilly, president of PrintMail Solutions. “They come to us because they know we can get the right information, to the right recipients, at the precise time it’s needed. But they also need us to be as efficient as possible, so we can turn jobs around faster, adapt to changing needs, and reinvest in growing our capabilities to keep finding new ways to support their strategic initiatives. In fact, we’re already seeing reinvestment opportunities thanks to cost savings from RICOH ProcessDirector-, which helped us fund the investment in our second InfoPrint 5000.”

Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 GP

As part of its commitment to accuracy and information security, PrintMail uses the Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) architecture, known for its page-level error recovery and resource efficiency in datacenter environments. RICOH ProcessDirector quickly, easily and automatically batches, indexes and transforms the jobs in PrintMail’s established legacy workflows to AFP before printing. This change – coupled with RICOH ProcessDirector’s capabilities as an award-winning, scalable workflow automation solution and Ricoh’s InfoPrint 5000 GP’s speed, accuracy and efficiency – has empowered PrintMail to stop warehousing preprinted shells and instead print customer communications in a single pass, helping to reduce waste, turn times and material costs.

Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 GP

“Today, when people think of information security in customer communications, they’re probably thinking of hackers breaching digital databases or fake hyperlinks from seemingly trusted sources,” said Phil Self, Vice President, Sales, Continuous Feed and Software & Strategic Solutions, Production Printing, Ricoh USA, Inc. “But in print, so much of information security is tied into accurately matching data to individual communications, helping keep sensitive information safe and driving significant increases in efficiency. We work closely with customers – before, during and after implementation – to help them address these challenges while staying on top of the latest technologies. This is what a true alliance should be built on – trust, collaboration and innovation.”

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