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PrintMail has more than 20 years of experience helping financial institutions compete more efficiently in local markets. You’ll find the same industry expertise with BankBound, our digital marketing division. BankBound provides cost-effective and measurable inbound marketing strategies for credit unions that want to improve their online presence with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), and Email Marketing. Are you trying to build your membership, connect with existing members, and increase your credit union’s online brand visibility? BankBound can help. Our exclusive focus on financial institutions infuses our work with immediate value and shared insights.

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Why Your Credit Union Needs An Online Marketing Strategy

The growth of the Internet and digital technologies have changed many aspects of people’s lives, including the way they choose and interact with financial institutions. Physical branches are no longer the primary way to reach new members and serve existing ones. Instead, your prospects will visit your website, social media channels, and learn about your services from YouTube videos before they call or visit to open an account. Many of your current members would rather complete routine banking transactions from a mobile app rather than wait in line to deposit a check. And both current and prospective members are likely to use Google to compare interest rates and research financial products before they start a loan application. With increased competition from online lenders, plus the many digital platforms you can use to connect with members and prospects, a dynamic and successful digital marketing plan is crucial to your credit union’s continued growth.

Specialized Digital Marketing For Credit Unions

With our singular focus on financial institutions and the digital strategies that provide the best return on a credit union’s marketing investment, BankBound is a credit union advertising agency that delivers measurable solutions for SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing Automation. Learn how each of these approaches can have a positive effect on your credit union’s bottom line:

Search Engine Optimization

When an individual in your community types “credit unions near me” or “credit union mortgage rates” into Google or another major search engine, what will they see? With an effective SEO strategy, your credit union’s website will rank higher and more frequently in the organic (meaning non-paid) search results returned to your members and prospects. This is important for two reasons: most people use search engines to navigate online and search engines drive self-selected traffic to your site. Thus, people looking for a nearby credit union can see your name, website, and contact info.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

PPC digital advertising consists of the inorganic (or paid) search results that appear before and after organic results. The foundation of successful PPC consists of identifying the keywords your target audience is searching for. As with SEO, PPC ads drive targeted traffic to your website and boost the overall visibility of your brand. BankBound uses data-driven targeting to help your credit union engage the right people at the right time. Use PPC advertising to convert prospects and get current members to download your mobile app, sign up for eStatements, apply online for a mortgage or other loan, and learn more about other services you offer.

Content Marketing

Think beyond the written word when it comes to this aspect of your digital strategy. Content marketing is the spine of your online and physical presence, connecting and enhancing everything you do to tell your story and engage members. BankBound takes a local approach to content, ensuring that all text and images are localized for your target audience as well as helpful to their questions and needs. For example, you might publish a blog post with a guide to your town’s recreation and athletic options. Or you could add a detail to a branch location page that only locals would be familiar with, signaling your authenticity as a community financial institution.The bottom line is that high quality content marketing can improve brand awareness, increase member engagement, and build trust with current and prospective members.

Integrated Marketing

Maximize the scope and impact of your marketing campaign by combining these cutting-edge digital strategies with the traditional marketing approaches you may already be using such as radio, billboards, television, and mail marketing.

How Is BankBound Different From Other Credit Union Marketing Agencies?

We distinguish ourselves from other credit union ad agencies with these three important traits:

We are laser focused on banking.

Unlike other credit union marketing firms, we don’t try to cover multiple industries. Instead, we are proud to be a niche digital marketing agency. Our expertise in community financial institutions keeps us ahead of industry trends and ready to create your credit union digital marketing strategy. Ultimately, our goal is to blend seamlessly into your existing marketing team.

We specialize only in the most effective online marketing for credit unions.

You won’t find a “kitchen sink” or “one size fits all” approach here. Instead, we concentrate our knowledge (and your marketing budget) on the highest impact digital strategies for SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing. This narrow focus helps you achieve the best possible ROI and makes it easy for us to integrate with your in-house marketing team and any other outside vendors or agencies.

We are results-driven and transparent.

Some credit union marketing firms maintain a “Wizard of Oz” approach, never letting you peek behind the curtain to see what they’re doing. How do you know that the strategies you’re paying for are having a positive effect on your goals and bottom line? At BankBound, we believe that digital marketing is both an art and a science, but it’s not magic. That’s why we are proactive in sharing our strategies and tactics with our clients, even letting you look at our project management system if you want to know what we’re doing for you. We also understand that all you may want to see is a report with real data, which we provide each month. If you’re looking for a long-term marketing partner, you’ll love our philosophy of true partnership.

Ready To Take Your Credit Union’s Online Presence To The Next Level?

Whether you are new to content marketing for credit unions or you went digital years ago, PrintMail’s digital marketing services will start where you are and transform your credit union’s online footprint according to your specific goals for increasing membership, boosting mobile app downloads, advertising mortgage loans, and more. Visit our digital marketing division’s website at to find:

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