As of 2021, there was an estimated 170 million mobile banking users in the United States. Statista expects that digital banking adoption will continue to increase. As more of your customers are conducting their financial transactions online, it’s important to educate them on the benefits and safety of mobile banking.

What Do Your Bank Customers Need to Know About Mobile Banking?


  • Is mobile banking safe? – Reaffirm that mobile banking is safe, but also provide your customers with some safety tips. This can include setting up multi-factor authentication and warning about checking financial accounts while using public Wi-Fi.
  • The benefits of mobile banking – Let your customers know about the benefits of mobile banking. Stress that it will make their lives easier. No more visiting a branch to make a deposit!
  • How to get started with mobile banking – Educate your customers on how to get the app, and how to perform basic tasks such as paying bills, transferring money, and mobile deposit.

How Do You Educate Your Customers About The Safety of Mobile Banking?

As a community banker, your first job when it comes to mobile banking is to ensure your online and mobile banking services are ready to meet a surge in demand. Next, is educating your bank customers on the digital banking capabilities you offer and assuaging any fears they may have about safety and security. In this article, we’ll offer seven opportunities to educate your customers about mobile banking. Here are seven ways to educate your customers about the safety of mobile banking and increase adoption.

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1. Leverage Your Online Banking Users

The most likely users to try mobile banking are those that are already comfortable using online banking.
If your core provider will allow, advertise mobile banking from within your online banking platform. Provide links and instructions on how to get started and offer educational materials such as FAQs, and a list of features, with an emphasis on the security aspect.

Another great way to grab the attention of your online banking users, is an estatement onsert. Estatement onserts are a great way to liven up your customer’s monthly estatements. Create an eye-catching graphic promoting the convenience and security of your mobile app.

2. Email Marketing

One of the best times to educate and encourage customers to adopt mobile banking is during the onboarding process. If you have an email marketing automation onboarding series include a call to action to sign up for online or mobile banking in the welcome email. You can create a short, simple message without being overwhelming: “Thank you for opening an account. Safely manage your account online with online and mobile banking”

If you don’t have an onboarding process in place, email marketing can still be an effective way to promote and educate your customers about your mobile banking app. Here are a few suggestions for crafting an email to increase mobile banking adoption.

  • A very short list of three to five benefits of mobile banking. Include a graphic and a call to action to go to the website to learn more and the option to download the app.
  • A few online banking safety tips. This email should also have a call to action back to your bank’s website and to download the app.
  • A simple email with a graphic and a call to action to get started with mobile banking.
  • Promote any other content that you put together regarding mobile banking safety or education, such as blogs or videos.

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3.Content Marketing

You’re already using your bank’s blog to educate them about deposit and lending products. Use your blog to educate them about the safety of mobile banking. The purpose of your blog is to provide education (often banking related), so this is the perfect topic. It’s a break from the usual blogs about mortgages, and savings strategies. As a digital marketer, I have seen that this type of content performs well when measuring Search Engine Optimization metrics. A Credit Union in Rockland County published a blog about the benefits of mobile banking. The blog consistently ranks among the top 10 landing pages on the bank’s website, even a year later. Work a post about online banking safety into your rotation – Consider positing in October, which is Cybersecurity awareness month as online safety is top of mind.

If you’re bank doesn’t already have a blog, now is a good time to get started. Here are some more reasons why your bank needs a blog.

Content marketing on your website shouldn’t be limited to blogging. Most banks’ have an “Online and Mobile Banking” page, which provides information about the features of mobile and online banking and how to get started. If you don’t already have one, make it a priority to get this page set up. You can also consider a white paper, digital banking guide, or FAQ page.
Content Marketing can be the backbone of educating your customers. Email, social media, and ads all need to link back to somewhere. Without content, can you really create an effective call to action?


People learn in different ways, so while providing written instructions for your online and mobile banking platforms is important, it’s also worthwhile to make a video tutorial.
Video is becoming the top source for information. In 2021, the popular video social media platform, TikTok got more traffic than Google. Many people would rather watch a video to get the information they need rather than read – especially if it’s a “How-To.” In many cases, your core providers will provide you with simple “How-To” videos for your online and mobile banking features. A video on your website about how to safely use your mobile banking features, and turn on safety features, like alerts or debit card management can give your customers piece of mind. As a result, it can increase mobile banking adoption.

Speak to your core service provider about available resources. If your financial brand uses Fiserv as its core service provider, you may be able to leverage branded videos related to your online banking, mobile banking, and related features. Access depends on the platform you are using (e.g., Corrillian). Video is a great way to increase engagement and, potentially, adoption rate of your digital solutions. Using video on your website, if done correctly, can also improve your financial brand’s SEO.

Like your blog content, your video can be shared through email and social media. Social media posts with videos have higher levels of engagement than those without. If you’re video is not part of your digital marketing strategy, now is the time to get started with video marketing.

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5. Social Media

The question is no longer, should your bank be on social media? It’s what social media platform your bank should utilize? You may have a social media strategy that includes posting certain topics to certain platforms, but mobile banking safety is a topic that can be promoted on all platforms. As with your blog, this is a great opportunity to provide useful, educational information that is relevant to your users, and provides a break from mortgage tips. Link to your blog posts, and any other relevant content. You can also create an infographic sized for social media. Have a few posts ready for Cybersecurity Awareness month and include the hashtag “#cybersecurityawareness month.

6. Direct Mail

Just because you’re marketing digital banking, doesn’t mean you have to limit your efforts to digital marketing. Direct Mail marketing can be a great way to reach your customers who have yet to adopt mobile or online banking. Postcards are the most frequently used type of direct mail and can be very cost-effective. Read more about how you can make direct mail part of your marketing strategy.

For the customers who still get paper bank statements, include an insert about your mobile banking app. Highlight some of the safety features that you offer and a call to action directing them to learn more or get started with mobile banking.

7. In Branch

Reach the customers who are still coming into your branch to make deposits. Encourage the staff to let them know that they can deposit checks right from home with their mobile app, safely and securely. Create signage promoting the safety, security, and convenience of mobile banking.

7 Ways to Educate Bank Customers About Mobile Banking Safety. Leverage online banking users Email marketing Content marketing Video Social media Direct mail In-branch promotions

Continue To Provide Mobile Banking Safety Education

There are continuous cybersecurity threats to personal financial data. Educating your customers about the safety of your online and mobile banking platforms should be a continuous effort. Provide your customers with information regarding the latest threats and how they can keep their information safe. They look to you to provide information about how to keep their financial information safe. Once they start using your mobile and online banking, they trust that you will keep their information safe. Make it a point to include cybersecurity and financial fraud in your content marketing and social media strategies.

Start Educating Your Customers About the Safety of Mobile Banking

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