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Credit unions serve specific member populations with unique needs and a personal stake in their financial institution. Monthly account statements are a reliable way to communicate the messages and offers your members are looking for. Investing in credit union statement redesign improves your engagement with members, leading to greater success with cross-selling products and services.

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As a longtime industry leader in cost-effective and high quality statement solutions, PrintMail offers custom credit union statement design services for your checking, savings, loan, or notice statements. A distinctive visual identity and mission statement help your messages reach a marketing savvy member population. And you can send a new message each month to keep members informed about their credit union’s new offers and services.

Attractive, customized statements are aesthetically appealing and easier to read, making it more likely that members will read the marketing communications alongside their account summaries. Credit unions thrive on their ability to deliver personalized service to members and the monthly statement is an important part of that service. A smart redesign maximizes marketing value for credit unions.

 Creative Layouts

Personalize the design of your credit union’s statement layout to give members a professional and appealing document that reminds them of their connection to their credit union and the value it provides.

PrintMail works with your desired branding and corporate identity initiatives to create a well-designed presentation on both paper statements and eStatements. As people have become more visually-oriented with the development of the Internet and mobile technology, a sophisticated and modern design is more important than ever.

 Text and graphic onserts

Get more from your marketing by using onsert designs with the statement and envelope instead of pricier inserts. Even if members do not open the statement they will see your message on the envelope before it goes in the recycling bin.

Your statement is your platform so maximize its impact with text and graphic designs that attract the eye. Communicate your helpful tips and personalized financial solutions to members with a design and logo they will remember.

 Dynamic imagery and layout

What kind of visual identity do you want to create for your credit union? PrintMail will help you realize that vision with our wide variety of dynamic imagery and visually appealing layouts. A compelling logo is essential for building brand recognition both in the physical world and with your digital presence.

Our team of layout experts, including digital artists and designers, understand that less is more. Instead of overcrowding your statement with graphics and messages, we utilize “white space” to focus members’ attention on the things that matter: their account summary and your relevant communications.

 Selective inserting

Make your marketing efforts more effective with targeted messaging. PrintMail conducts thorough research so that your credit union’s offers reach the existing and potential members who will be most interested. This strategy saves money by only sending inserts to receptive members. For example, you can target existing members and others in your community by identifying a specific demographic, such as new homeowners, retirees, people of a certain income bracket, and more.

 Customization that fits your budget

Some credit unions are bigger than others, but what they all have in common is the desire to make the most of available resources. You can’t do it all with in-house resources, but you can collaborate with PrintMail in a cost-effective way to elevate your credit union statement design, whether that means a complete overhaul or just a few tweaks. Let us help you make your communication strategy successful at whatever budget you can afford.


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