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Federal regulations for banks, as well as industry rules and state laws, have grown more complex over the years, most recently with the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in 2011. However, complexity isn’t the only thing banks have to worry about. Federal regulations change from one presidential administration to the next, as existing rules are deleted and new laws are created. State laws may also change and industry rules are updated annually. Keeping up with all of this is especially burdensome for regional and community banks that lack the in-house regulatory and compliance staff of larger institutions.

How can you ensure that your financial institution meets bank compliance requirements without sacrificing operational efficiency or the quality your customers depend on? Turn to PrintMail Solutions, an industry leader and innovator since 1993. In addition to our core business of statement printing and mailing, we provide effective bank compliance communication strategies to ensure the accurate, secure, and timely printing and mailing of your most important documents.

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Reduce Costs By Up to 20% When You Outsource Bank Compliance Printing

Our banking clients report savings of up to 20% from outsourcing their bank compliance mailings, especially in combination with statement printing and mailing and other PrintMail services. When you reduce expenses in a non-core competency area of your business, you can invest more in the products and services that make you more competitive.

PrintMail delivers cost-effective solutions for our clients by taking advantage of maximum postal discounts, using presorting and Intelligent Mail Barcode tracking integration to streamline the process, acquiring the latest equipment so you don’t have to, and offering conversion strategies to persuade more of your customers to opt into electronic delivery.

PrintMail Is 99.9999% Error Free

We are proud of our commitment to accuracy and security, and you can have peace of mind knowing your most important documents and sensitive customer information is processed by a company with a long error-free record and a rigorous quality control process.

  • PrintMail’s dedicated quality control inspectors work exclusively for our company and check every job twice before mailing.
  • A second layer of QC comes from JETVision cameras that scan every document for accuracy and integrity.
  • Every PrintMail employee undergoes extensive security training and we equip all of our facilities with the latest security technology.
  • We use the best and latest encryption technology in the industry.
  • The security of your customer information is guaranteed by SOC1 and SOC2 certification audits, annual physical security assessments at each of our facilities, and quarterly testing for internal network vulnerability.
Full Control Over Your Bank Compliance Communication

Improve bank compliance by outsourcing your compliance communication printing and mailing. Best of all, you retain full control over the process with the ability to be as involved as you wish. Our company-wide investment in technology and services has made our interactive customer platform even better: speedier, technologically superior to your in-house resources, and easier to manage. With PrintMail, you can enjoy the convenience and cost-savings of outsourcing without worrying about losing control of the process. PrintMail is your partner in every service we provide, offering exactly the level of control and involvement you desire:

  • View job proofing and make simple changes to logos or other small details.
  • Track deliveries.
  • Generate and review the reports you need.
  • Provide uninterrupted service to your customers in the event of a disaster. Our 4 identical facilities are outfitted with redundant equipment so your tax forms and other important documents will always be mailed on time.
Solutions For More Effective Bank Compliance Communication

All of our compliance solutions can be integrated with the other services we offer such as statement printing and mailing, tax form processing, mail marketing services, and eStatements. PrintMail takes a personalized approach to each of our clients and customizes solutions as needed. If you don’t see the service you’re looking for, just ask!

  • Welcome Letters and Special Fulfillment Packages 
  • Compliance Letters and Notices 
  • Privacy and Loan Documentation Mailings 
  • Tax Forms 
  • Account Statements 
  • Credit Card Billing 
  • Electronic Delivery
  • Mortgage Letters, Statements, and Notices

One of the biggest security concerns banks face with their compliance communications is Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This consists of social security numbers, full names, birth dates, addresses, and any other data that can be used alone or with other information to identify, locate, or contact an individual person. Federal, state and industry regulations dictate how PII should be collected, disclosed to third-parties, and secured. PII rules affect just about any mail banks send, so it is important to get it right or you could be fined. Outsourcing your compliance communication and other mailing removes the in-house burden of following and adhering to so many laws.

Besides the increase in regulations, there has also been an uptick in the number or length of communications banks and lenders are required to send. This is due to the CFPB and Truth in Lending Act. These additional requirements are also burdensome for regional and community banks, which must oversee even more processing and mailing of communication materials that contain PII. When you combine these federal financial regulations with state law, industry rules, and the specific requirements of the USPS, outsourcing your compliance communication strategy to an experienced company like PrintMail is a “no-brainer.” You’ll maintain the level of quality and security your customers expect while making your in-house operations more efficient and cost-effective.


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